Shareholder Structure 

Statement Media Central Europe a.s. has a clear and factual shareholder structure comprising three shareholders. Statement Media AG holds the majority stake with 74%, followed by Mr. Peter Núñez who owns 25% of the shares. The remaining 1% of the company is held by Mr. Peter Peťovský.

Statement Media AG

Statement Media AG is a Swiss investment firm that strategically invests in the media industry to build a portfolio of high-quality media assets. The company’s mission is focused on digital-first, relevant, and responsible news content. Through this approach, Statement Media AG has established an impressive portfolio, captivating millions of readers monthly.

Peter Núñez 

Peter Núñez is both the founder and a shareholder of Statement Media Central Europe a.s. He directs the company’s strategy and key economic decisions. Formerly a television director, he now exclusively owns and leads Slovak television production companies Nunez Nfe, s.r.o., TV Services, a.s., and Czech production company Joy Department. He also fully owns Loco Agency and co-owns Trinity Pictures.

Peter Peťovský 

Peter Peťovský has been working in the Slovak media industry since 2000. He started at the municipal television in Bánovce nad Bebravou, then worked at Radio WOW and also as a professional photographer.